The KMF 3 is an economical and universal instrument for checking a large variety of extensometers and for setting the gain of their measurement amplifiers.

The extensometer MINI MFA 2 is suitable for almost all types of samples up to Ø 25 mm (or 25 mm x 25 mm) and a gauge length (Le) of 100 mm.

The MFA2 linear strain gauge is suitable for virtually all tests above an initial instrument measuring length (Le) of 25 mm.

The extensometer MFA 20 is suitable for determining the yield point and uniform deformation for test samples above 4 mm diameter and 15 mm width.

The extensometer MFN is in a modular design. Therefore can be chosen for each application. The MFN-A offers both a small and a large measuring range. With the smaller range (4 mm) highest measurement accuracy is achieved.